Monday, March 14, 2011

One night in Bangkok and the world was my oyster

Bangkok Day 1 228

In case you didn't know I have been studying Thailand for the last 12 months. When our plane landed in Bangkok I told my Mom,”We're finally here! My excitement was not drained when we started exploring the Wats!

Bangkok Day 2 005

Now that we're here it hits me- this place is pretty remote! There are parts of Bangkok that range from modern skyscrapers to ancient Buddhist temples to 3rd world huts. They were so many big and colorful and amazing, but so overwhelming!

Bangkok Day 1 065

Bangkok Day 1 074

You could've spent a whole day at the Grand palace and not seen it all! We ended this amazing day with a night cruise on the Chao Praya river which was a great way to see the temples at night, and get unlimited Coke refills!

Bangkok Day 1 253

The next day, was absolutely competing with the first couldn't have been any better. We started out with two museums- UGH MOM! One being artwork the other being interactive and including a whole floor on poo! The Thai art was actually fabulous -nice work mom! -consisting of so many colors and gold that makes you think..... Why is american modern artwork so boring and dull! Next, at the Siam museum- yes this is the poo one...... was very interactive and fun! The battle games caught Dad's attention! Now for the Poo floor! We discovered luxury toilets and different techniques for wiping the buttocks-- everything you need to refresh your day.

Bangkok Day 2 066

Then we headed to a Monk's bowl village the way they make them seems complicated and exhausting! My dad bought a neat black bowl there.

Bangkok Day 2 147

Last and a definite least was trying the scorpion and grubworms. These won't be the next pregame snack!

Tamara Bangkok 077