Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Quick Update...

After a few snafus, we are finally ticketed for our round the world (RTW) tickets! Thanks to Missy at Great Southern who went the extra mile for us. We have a slight change in venue. From Honolulu, we will now go to Tokyo with a 4 hour layover and then go on to Sydney. Apparently, RTW tickets are a bit like frequent flier tickets in that the airline only holds a certain number of seats for them. We couldn't work out the Honolulu to Sydney route on Qantas. On the bright side, that's a few more frequent flier miles for us!

I'm continuing my quest for knowledge and have gotten through a couple more books such as the "Round the World for the First Time" and "Vagabonding". I'm currently reading "Monkey Dancing" by Daniel Glick (to be added to the bibliography). This book was recommended by a parent of a patient of mine and is the tale of a single Dad taking his 2 kids around the world to see endangered ecological sites. So far, it's an entertaining read, but I'll give you the low down on it once I've finished. I'm still looking for recommendations on Australian literature and books on the Aborigines...anyone, anyone?

That's the latest for now.