Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No China :-(

Well, we're still going to Hong Kong, but b/c of the goofy 'Round-the-World' ticket rules and lack of available seats we had to add a segment in Tokyo (literally cost a segment b/c we arrive in one Tokyo airport and fly out of a different one...we can't go to China b/c of a 15 minute taxi ride!)

The kids are really disappointed as am I...it is/was the number one country our family chose that we most want to visit.

On the positive side, they are going to be able to convert our paper tickets to e-tickets so we can make itinerary changes ourselves without going to an airport with the tickets. And, we were able to extend our time in India, Greece and Spain!

When we told Amarra this she asked if we would be able to "eat 100 crab legs" in Spain? I said, "What"? She said, I mean "Lobster legs, will we eat a lot of lobster legs?" Still confused we pushed her telling her we didn't understand why she was asking that. Finally she said, "Just like last time we were there, we at lobster at Dr. James' house." We said, "Oh! That was in Maine!" It was great for a laugh, they sounded a lot alike to her and she still can't quite comprehend the geography. But she understands enough to be embarrassed at the error.

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