Saturday, September 25, 2010

Amarra's Blog Update

Hi Everyone, this is Amarra.

I just wanted to tell everyone what a fun time we had in Canberra. We went to Floriade and saw beautiful flowers. We went to the petting zoo and I got to pet animals.


I loved going to Questacon and I learned all about earthquakes. I learned that they can be big and scary and are caused by land rubbing together and can cause a lot of danger. I liked the earthquake house where you got to feel what an earth quake was like.


Other things I've liked about the trip are seeing penguins on Phillip Island and going to the Steve Irwin zoo where I got to pet a koala and a kangaroo. I'm now a fan of Bindi Irwin (Steve's daughter) and I like reading her books. We went to the Big Banana. It's too bad we couldn't do anything else there except have our picture with the Big Banana.

Little Penguin & chick @ Phillip Island

We like going to YHA (youth hostels) because they're cheap and they have cheap food—only $5 per meal. We usually have lockers in the room. I just started sleeping in bunk beds when they have a rail and they're safe. If they don't have a rail they're not safe and I can't sleep on them.

We have eaten laksa here (a Malaysian dish), some I like, some I don't. There are few Mexican restaurants. We eat Tim Tams, meat pies and sausage rolls—all of which I like a lot.

We're going to New Zealand soon.


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